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Interested in Equity and Intersectionality?

For those of you who have been following my newsletters the past 2 months, I wrote about racism in September and in October, I highlighted a client of mine, Coming to the Table, a national organizational leader on racial healing … Continue reading

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Introduction to Health Equity and the Impact of Racism on Health

This announcement is referenced in Madeline’s September 2014 Newsletter White residents, on average, enjoy better health than Black and Latino Residents in Boston.  Biology, personal behaviors, and access to health care do not adequately account for these racial and ethnic … Continue reading

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We’re Meaning Making Machines

This post tells the rest of the story from my July 2014 newsletter to illustrate how the Ladder of Inference is at play in our lives and work. To learn more about this model, click here. A supervisee (Bob) walks … Continue reading

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Being rooted in neuroscience

Rene Descartes, a 17th century French philosopher, had a profound impact on Western culture. He promoted the separation of body and mind as a fundamental truth. Modern neuroscience suggests an integrated understanding of the human body,  which is more holistic … Continue reading

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Sufficiency: the Power of Enough

Each day we swim in a cultural current that flows between scarcity and abundance. This undulating current affects our sense of who we are and what’s possible for us. The three toxic myths of scarcity identified by Lynne Twist in The … Continue reading

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Being rooted in the body

One distinguishing mark of a masterful leader is somatic intelligence. Our bodies are constantly informing us about how we’re relating to the daily pressures of our rough and tumble world. Our physical postures – how we sit and stand and move … Continue reading

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