Introduction to Health Equity and the Impact of Racism on Health

This announcement is referenced in Madeline’s September 2014 Newsletter

White residents, on average, enjoy better health than Black and Latino Residents in Boston.  Biology, personal behaviors, and access to health care do not adequately account for these racial and ethnic health inequities. Instead, we need to look at how social, economic, and environmental resources that influence health are distributed across communities. Resources that impact health include income and wealth, education and employment opportunities, food access, opportunities for physical activity, health and social services, and political power. The nation’s history of racism has led to an unequal distribution of these resources resulting in people of color bearing an inequitable burden of disease. (BPHC, Health of Boston, 2011)

When: 1st Friday of the month 10:00am – 12:00pm

Where: Southern Jamaica Plain Health Center’s Health Promotion Center, 10B Green Street, Jamaica Plain

RSVP: Abigail Ortiz, Director of Community Health Programs, 617-983-4104,  Brought to you by the Jamaica Plain Racial Justice and Equity Collaborative

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