May 2015     Recover Your Center

Leadership Embodiment is a foundational practice of our work at Conditioning Leaders. We’re pleased to offer this Spring two opportunities to experience this body-based and neuroscience approach to leadership and personal development.  We hope you’ll join us. (read more)

March 2015       Being in Action 

This month the Conditioning Leaders newsletter is written in collaboration with Caroline Hopkins, founder of One Million Suns. What inspires this partnership is both of our commitment to surround, support, hold accountable, believe in and push one another.  It is in this spirit that One Million Suns and Conditioning Leaders collaborates with, promotes and gratefully receives support from like-minded women leaders and their initiatives.  Enjoy this months inspirational vignettes about being in and taking action (read more)

January 2015       Where are you going to honor MLK?

Learn more about our January speaking engagements surrounding the anti-racism movement. (read more)


December 2014       Accomplishments and Completions

How do you end your year? How do you say goodbye? How do you mark transitions and ‘rites of passages’? These are questions worth reflecting on at year’s end. (read more)

November 2014      What is Executive Presence Anyway?

The title of my newsletter “Aspiring to a more senior role? Enhance your Executive Presence” is the title of an article written by Suzi Skinner in Australia.  This subject is a prominent part of my coaching practice and I have several professional situations where it’s a focus of my work these days. (read more)

October 2014      Racial Healing and Reconciliation

I believe that if we’re going to condition leaders for today’s world, we must be confident and competent to lead in lieu of equity, inclusion and power.  Powerful, effective 21st century leaders are skilled to navigate these interpersonal and structural dynamics ensuring equitable policies and relationships no matter the work sector in which one travels. (read more)

September 2014     Understanding and Eradicating Racism

As a white leadership coach, consultant, trainer and facilitator working in a multicultural global context where people of color are the majority, I believe organizations and individuals need culturally competent support that is grounded in an equity power analysis.  Because of this core belief for the next two months I’m going to write about an issue near and dear to my heart: understanding racism and working to eradicate its pernicious and often unseen impacts. (read more)

August 2014      Transitioning Through Change

In June I wrote about my family going to live in Athens, Greece for 6 weeks. We had an incredible visit. I used a liter of olive oil in 3 weeks learning to cook wonderful Mediterranean dishes: Fasolakia (green beans for the soul!), white bean mash, eggplant imam, and other such yummy dishes. The pace of life in Greece is happily slower and softer than what I usually experience in Boston. (read more)

July 2014      We’re Meaning Making Machines

Human beings are meaning making machines. Our brains are wired to make meaning out of everything.  We can’t help it. It’s part of our neurological patterning.  But what happens if the meaning we make out of an interaction or an experience isn’t correct?  Have you ever created an assumption about a person or situation when you didn’t have all the information? (read more)

June 2014      A Life Worth Remembering

My family is getting ready to go to Greece this summer. My husband will be teaching in Athens for five weeks and we’re going with him. As a leadership coach, I am interested in modeling for and supporting my clients to lead lives of balance and adventure. (read more)

May 2014      Navigating the Treacherous Terrain of Power, Equity and Inclusion

We all have a relationship with power whether we’re comfortable with it or not. Some know how to get and wield power, some feel as if they have little power, some of us aren’t interested in power at all and choose to stay away from this conversation as much as possible. Regardless of your relationship to power, it has an impact on how equity and inclusion are fostered in our lives, teams and organizations. (read more)

April 2014      Embodied Leadership

As I entered the non-profit sector in my early 20s, I saw stressed out leaders all around me. They had to fundraise and market their organizations and prove their program models worked to solve the social issues most near and dear to their hearts.  Many of them just wanted to do the program-related work they loved and not all the administration necessary to support their organizations. (read more)

March 2014      Rooting Ourselves in Core Values

In this last month of the quarter, I am struck by how quickly time flies.  When we find ourselves amazed by the speed at which time is passing, it’s useful to slow down and remind ourselves about what roots us.  What roots me is timeless.  It’s my values and the context I live in that support who I am no matter the activity or how quickly I perceive time passing.  The more I remind myself of my values and operationalize them in my life, the more grounded I feel. (read more)

February 2014      Leading an Integrated Life

We are fully in 2014. How has your year begun? In my business, it’s a generative time. It’s a time of year when proposals are written for new organizational development projects and prospects are requesting help with their leadership and career challenges. (read more)

January 2014      Happy New Year

My ideal New Year involves slowing down, staying close to home and being with people I love.  I like to ring in the New Year reflecting on meaningful and memorable moments from the previous year and imagining what I want to live into for the coming year.  Reflecting and Dreaming. (read more)


December 2013      Give the Gift of Gratitude

As the calendar year ends many religious and spiritual traditions call us to slow down, welcome in the darkness and cold of winter (especially for those of us in the New England region of the United States) and reflect on the past year.  At Conditioning Leaders we have a practice of remembering for whom and for what we’re grateful.  The simple practice of appreciating others is healing for us as human beings. (read more)

November 2013      Join us for Our Leadership Embodiment Workshop

Our world is a complicated place. We have huge social problems to solve and our personal lives are increasingly complicated.  How do you respond to these pressures and stress in general?  Leadership Embodiment is a way of being and a set of tools to help us recover “center” under pressure.  Our sense of agency and power lies in our capacity to recover “center” with speed and ease. (read more)

October 2013      Announcing our E-Newsletter and Next Workshop

It’s been a long time coming to rebrand my work.  I am thrilled to be embarking on this next chapter professionally. While the new name and website have been active for a while, this is the first newsletter. (read more)