Our Services

Working with Leaders

Leadership is learned. Leadership qualities and skills are mastered over time.  Change is possible when we shift what we say about ourselves, practice new skills, and cultivate the capacity to observe patterns and who we’re being in relation to ourselves and others.

We understand that leaders learn in different ways. Therefore we use a combination of approaches so our clients can embody what they’re learning.  We address a variety of strategic, tactical, emotional, intellectual, personal and professional challenges, such as:

  • Visioning and the Designing the Big Picture
  • Management and Supervision Skills
  • Career Development
  • Self-Awareness
  • Executive Transitions
  • Inclusion, Equity and Power dynamics
  • Embodied Leadership

Working with Organizations

Organizations profoundly shape individuals and communities. Organizations are the institutional structures in which people gather. We are a social species and belonging to groups and organizations gives meaning to our lives.

We are committed to working with teams and organizations to make them the most visionary, sustainable and aligned environments they can be so that they serve and support individuals, communities and the world in which they are connected.  We work with teams and organizations on the following issues:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Board Development
  • Management Training
  • Team and Meeting Management
  • Feedback
  • Decision-Making Structures
  • Culture and Organizational Change
  • Diversity, Power, Inclusion, and Equity Issues

Working with Coaches

Coaching is a profession that invites life-long learning.  There are many ways to become a coach.  We introduce and mentor clients to coaching as a career, introduce somatic coaching principles and practices, supervise coaches who already have a practice, guide coaches to clarify their offer, teach coaches how to design an outcomes-based approach and develop a fee structure to increase their income.  We support coaches in the following areas:

  • Mentoring and Supervision
  • Becoming A Coach
  • Somatic Coaching