Sufficiency: the Power of Enough

Each day we swim in a cultural current that flows between scarcity and abundance. This undulating current affects our sense of who we are and what’s possible for us. The three toxic myths of scarcity identified by Lynne Twist in The Soul of Money are “there’s not enough”, “more is better”, and “that’s just the way it is.” Sufficiency is a context that lies outside the dichotomy of scarcity and abundance. Sufficiency is about being, doing, and having enough and living from this place inside ourselves , our relationships and in all parts of life. In order to put ourselves in transformational space, we must lead, think, and live from being, doing, and having enough. As coaches we teach individuals, leaders, and organizations to integrate sufficiency into their respective modus operandi.  To learn more about sufficiency, check out some of these great videos from Lynne Twist.

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